Facility information

Open seat

Expanding Open seat
It is not a private room, but an inexpensive seat with PC installation.
You can play comfortable online games with high specs.
Not only cheap, of course with free drinks
Comics · magazines can also be enjoyed easily as a cafe.

Reclining chair seat

Expanding Reclining chair seat
It is a seat where you can tilt the backrest.
Tilt the backrest even when tired of PC,
You can relax at any time.
It is the seat of our standard type.

Massage chair seat

Expanding Massage chair seat
Equipped with high grade massage chair.
Of course you can use a personal computer and a TV.
Refresh yourself with a massage.

Flat seat · Pair flat seat

Expanding Flat seat · Pair flat seat
Mat type seat and the floor is all cushion.
It is a seat that takes off your shoes and relaxes slowly.
  • Drink corner
    Drinks are all free.
  • shower room
    It is a shower room that can be refreshed.
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